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Healing generational trauma.

Disbanding family dysfunction.

Creating new healthy family patterns.


Saturday April 1, 2023
UNC Charlotte Marriott - Charlotte, NC


Cycle Breaker
/ˈsīkəl/ /ˈbrākər/

an individual within a family unit who decides to eliminate harmful family patterns

2023 will be the year you break free from generational cycles of trauma.


It's time to create new, healthy family patterns.


Shifting Family Legacies

Many people have the desire to break cycles of dysfunction in their families. This can be life-changing work that may trigger negative responses from family members and create feelings of isolation.

For this reason, I created the Cycle Breakers Conference: A safe space for those who have committed to doing the work of dismantling unhealthy family cycles.

Let's get to work! - Crystal



Generational Trauma

Generational Wealth

Words that Shift Legacies

Identifying Hidden Unhealthy Cycles

Healing the Inner Child

Identify and Release Buried Emotions

Emotional Intelligence

Cycle Breakers Q&A

Our Areas of Focus During the Conference


Dr. Melissa

Licensed Mental Health Therapist

Author, Film Director, Speaker

Facilitator: Emotional Intelligence & Forgiveness

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Dr. Melissa Tate-Scruse

Rosice Batsuli

CEO, Cease Fire Productions

Facilitator: Financial Trauma to CEO

  • Instagram
Rosice Batsuli

Brian L. Evans

Author, Relationship Architect

Facilitator: Building Healthy Relationships

  • Facebook
Brian L. Evans

Tavia Jackson

Serial Entrepreneur

Tavia J Beauty, Tastebuds Popcorn Concord

Facilitator: Building A Legacy with Words

  • Instagram
Tavia Jackson

Derrick Jackson

Serial Entreprenuer, Author, Recording Artist

Facilitator: Healing the Inner Man

  • Facebook
Derrick Jackson

Ashley Wright

Journaling & Awareness Life Coach

Facilitator: The Art of Self-Forgiveness

  • Instagram
Ashley Wright

Jacque' L. White

Non-Profit CEO & Acclaimed Speaker

Facilitator: Unboxing the Parenting Paradigm

  • Instagram
Jacque' L. White

Donald Currie

Marketing Director & Real Estate Investor

Facilitator: Becoming the Father You Needed

  • Instagram
Donald Currie

Keysha Jones

Financial Coach

Facilitator: Trauma & Money

  • Instagram
Faithfully Flourishing Coaching

Crystal R. Currie

Licensed Mental Health Therapist & Childhood Trauma Expert

Facilitator: Generational Trauma; The Dynamics of Re-Parenting

  • Instagram
Crystal R. Currie

Cycle Breaker Parents Attend Free!

We're intentional about healing family trauma and no hindrance will get in the way! Each attendee (Cycle Breaker) that desires to experience this life shifting conference is welcomed to bring their parent! Don't miss this opportunity to create new family cycles with the one you love. (Limited quantity)


The Venue

Cycle Breakers Conference 2023 will be held at the UNC Charlotte Marriott in Charlotte, NC. We look forward to an incredible in-person experience with you. 


I'm ready to shift the future of my family for generations. What's my investment?




Early Bird




Healing Generational Trauma

Disbanding Family Dysfunction

Creating Healthy Family Patterns

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