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You don't have to deal with trauma, alone.
There's a support system to help. 

Cycle Breakers Collective

Take The Journey!

It's time to eliminate the trauma triggers

so you can live a life of authenticity, purpose and freedom.


Transgenerational Trauma

What is transgenerational trauma and how does it affect minorities?

Watch this recent discussion as Crystal breaks down the effects of childhood trauma.


Mental Health America of Central Carolinas
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Achilles Heal Podcast


Discover how trauma is holding you back.

Achilles HEAL Podcast
Achilles HEAL Podcast
Achilles HEAL Podcast
Achilles Heal Podcast
Achilles Heal Podcast

Hi, I'm Crystal!

Crystal Currie

When you make the decision to heal you open the door to living the life you imagine.

Childhood Trauma Licensed Therapist



I'm a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Clinician and owner of Compass Life Skills & Counseling, a trauma-focused practice in North Carolina. My therapy experience spans over a decade, from serving youth in juvenile detention centers to providing corporate emotional training and hosting life-changing adult retreats. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D in Counseling Supervision & Education. I am a proud wife of my husband, Donald, and a loving mom to two little ones, Andrew & Alaina. 


I was born in a group home in Charlotte NC, to parents who were 13 and 14 years old. Just babies themselves, they lacked emotional, mental, and financial stability. Childhood trauma followed me into adulthood, where I struggled to find my identity, and tried to earn love by pleasing people, rescuing others, and minimizing myself.

I've been where you are. The feelings of abandonment; parents and caretakers choosing people and things over you; lack of self-worth; being a people-pleaser. I've been there. 

My struggles fueled my passion for creating safe spaces for people to heal from the childhood trauma that had me shackled for many years. I began my therapy career with one goal: to help people of all ages and backgrounds find true healing.

Healing from the trauma has opened up opportunities I could never imagine.

Now, I want that same feeling and reality for you. Let's go to work!


It's back. A full day retreat known to transform your life.

what are
Safe Spaces?

Crystal facilitates safe spaces for individuals to heal from childhood trauma. She provides unwavering support, direction and techniques as you heal from unhealthy relationships with parents, abuse, poverty and neglect. Clients have freed themselves from self-sabatoge, minimizing and people pleasing. They have found their voice, created boundaries without feeling guilty and live a life of authenticity, freedom and purpose. 

Crystal Currie
Safe Space
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