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What Is The Inner Child?


Your inner child is a part of your unconscious mind that reflects the child you were growing up.


This part of your unconscious mind remembers all your experiences from childhood, good and bad. 


As a result, the inner child is the driving force that motives your thoughts and behaviors as an adult and impacts your perception of the world. 


Inner child work focuses on negative messages (spoken and unspoken) you received, repressed childhood emotions and needs that were unmeet during childhood.


Our unmet needs and suppressed childhood emotions, as well as our childlike innocence, natural enthusiasm, and creativity, are all waiting within us.


Simple messages from our childhood that show up in our adult lives are as follows:  


·    “You’d better not say what you really think.”

·    “Don’t try to get that promotion because you aren’t smart enough.”

·    “You need to make your parents happy.”


Connecting with the inner helps you find the root causes of the challenges you’re facing as an adult.

There are many more signs that your inner child may be wounded.

Truthfully, all of us, no matter how small or insignificant, have experiences from our past that need addressing.


This reconnection allows you to assess the fragmented parts of yourself so that you can discover the root of your phobias, fears, insecurities, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Who Can Benefit From This Retreat?

You're a people pleaser.

You feel something is wrong, in the deepest parts of you.

You experience anxiety outside of your comfort zone.

You don't have a strong sense of identity.

You constantly criticize yourself for supposed inadequacies.

You're unforgiving of yourself, rigid and a perfectionist.

You have deep abandonment issues and attract toxic relationships.

You have a hard time committing and trusting.

You feel guilty when setting boundaries.

You feel ashamed at expressing emotions.

Bus Passengers

Messages Your Mother Missed

As a child, our mothers are supposed to send certain messages, verbally and non verbally. 


Her ability to communicate these messages effectively will determine our emotional development.


A child who does not receive these messages will struggle with self-esteem, self-worth and value. 


These messages include: I see you, I am a safe space for you, I delight in you, I respect you, your needs are important to me, I am here for you, I love your uniqueness, I see you, you’re so special to me

A Father's Unspoken Choice

In many cases a Father may be inconsistent because he has chosen something or someone other than the child. 


The child grows up to be an adult who tries to prove his or her value through achievements. 


The adult believes that who they are authentically are not valuable so they must do so things in order to have value. 


These adults are often overachievers, overeaters and overconsumers of goods

Playing with Blocks

What We Will Do

Above the Clouds

Engage in a safe space to discuss how your parent(s) has created your emotional wounds.

Brick Wall

Identify how these wounds influence your behavior and thoughts.

Graphic Chart

Process the emotions associated to these wounds.

Picnic Basket

Discuss your current relationship with your parent(s).

Mountain Ridge

Guide you through the way your inner child has been wounded.

Audio Equipment

Identify self-sabotaging behaviors and heal emotional wounds.

A message from the Facilitator

Learn why licensed mental health therapist Crystal R. Currie wants you to discover your authentic-self.

HTIC Alumni Testimonials

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HTIC Testimony - Casey T.
HTIC Testimony - Casey T.
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HTIC Testimony - Deidre J.

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The Blueprint to Breaking Cycles
The Blueprint to Breaking Cycles
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