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Take back the power unforgiveness steals.

Forgiveness isn't for them. It's for you.

Forgiveness is more about you than them.


The impact that their actions had on you are lingering, and now it's time to be released from this bondage. 

This workbook was created with you in mind.


To provide a safe space for you to explore the hurt that you’ve been forced to carry; to explore these emotional wounds you’ve been protecting from any trigger that will remind you of the pain;


And to forgive.


But not for them, for you.

Intentional Forgiveness Workbook
Intentional Forgiveness

What You'll Discover in the

Intentional Forgiveness Workbook

How to Release the Baggage

Discussing how the life experiences you carry with you from day-to-day affects your emotional health.

Crystal Currie

Finding Your True Identity

Returning to your authentic self, based on your personal goals and desires.


We love it! We read this workbook from cover to cover and are excited to go back and fill in responses for a few of the other sections that require a little more thought. My wife agrees with me that this tool has something for everybody.

You'll definitely need it at some point in the future and probably could've used it at some point in your past. Look no further. You owe it to yourself to take care of yourself.

Derrick J.

This workbook is an excellent tool to help one begin the journey of forgiveness. The reflections in the book are thought-provoking and well laid out, to slowly step through the healing process.


The Safe Space which the author creates in the workbook makes you feel like you are actually in session with her. I would highly recommend it!

Lynn D.

This a very concise, yet in depth guide to discovering true forgiveness. The exercises and reflections cause you to take your time and dig into the heart of your issues.


Definitely recommend this to those in need of forgiving.

Donald C.

Recent reviews of Intentional Forgiveness

Crystal Currie

Why Forgive?
Why Now?

To be honest, it will never seem like a great time.


But I can assure you that you'll never experience the full and authentic person you were meant to be. Why?


Because unforgiveness steals the power you need to walk boldly and confidently in life. 

I'm a living witness that holding on to it literally breaks your spirit, limits your potential and negatively affects those closest to you.


It took me over 20 years to finally face myself in the mirror and decide to make a change. But this change wasn't for the person(s) that hurt me.


It was for ME. And it can also be for YOU.

I encourage you to walk with me in this journey and discover true emotional freedom.

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