Make 2022 Different

Identify and Repair Your Achilles Heal + Eliminate Character Flaws + Reach Your Destiny

virtual WORKSHOP

Saturday January 8th | 9:00am

Achilles Heal
/əˌkɪl.iːz ˈhiːl/

a weakness despite overall strength, which can lead to downfall.

2022 will look different.

Not because of anything you obtain

but from a better understanding of you.


Story of Achilles

Achilles was a Greek hero that was powerful and invincible. As a small child, his mother dipped him into the river and it gave him great wisdom and strength.


But because his heel was dipped, it was the weakest part of him and it ultimately lead to his demise.


And just like Achilles, you are wise and strong but there is a part of you preventing you from walking into our destiny.


In this virtual workshop we will cover

Urban Modern Interior Design

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Practical strategy to thrive in 2022 from a licensed mental health therapist.

Bonus downloads to map out a plan to conquer in the new year.

Follow up sessions with Crystal to hold you accountable to your goals.

24hr replay for registrants.